Review On “themoviedownloads” And The Truth About Free Movies

Hello. If you have used the internet for more than a few days, you should know that you can download many things online for free, whether its music, movies, or software. However, what most people do not realize is that there are very serious penalties if you get caught. Here is a serious report from a popular news site:

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, October 5, 2007

“A federal judge ordered a Minnesota woman to ante up thousands of dollars for violating copyright laws by sharing music illegally downloaded, marking the first time such a suit against an individual had gone to trial.


Jammie Thomas has to pay $222,000 for the dozens of songs she pulled from the Internet.”

As you can see, if you are one of the unlucky few caught you are charged ridiculous amounts of money. And if that’s just for a few songs, imagine how much getting charged for a much more expensive movie would cost. Think of how many LEGAL and HIGH QUALITY downloads you could get for $222,000.

So when you download free movies there are few negative aspects:

-generally very poor quality

-sites that host free downloads are filled with viruses and spyware; that’s how they make their money


-many take a ridiculous amount of time to download

-you could download a fake movie or a broken file

-it’s unethical

-you fear being caught

Those are just some of the reasons you should never download free movies.

The alternative to free movies is to buy a subscription to a legal movie downloading site.


The benefits of a legal movie site are:

-very high quality

-100% safe, no spyware

-no guilt

-you can always be sure it is a perfect file, no problems

-downloads much, much faster

-as cheap as 1.25 a month, saves time and money from going to a rental store

-many provide benefits such as easy ripping to a DVD to play on your TV, or putting it onto your iPod


-absolutely no risk

Now, like free movie sites, there are a lot of legal movie sites competing. Fortunately, since the legal movie sites have to not only compete with each other, but free sites, the bad sites are bullied out of the market. They are all pretty high quality and deliver what they promise. However, the most popular and professional of the sites is a company called “The Movie Downloads” and they also present many features for much less than other legal sites.


For Starters, “The Movie Downloads” has a very professional site appearance, which almost screams “professional!”” to you. With their cleverly animated flash banner, the site appearance is very appealing. But as always, cosmetics do not determine how good the service is. However, after subscribing to “The Movie Downloads” for a year membership, I was blown away by the bonus features and quality of the movies, not to mention the blazing fast speed. I have a iTouch, and with their program I was very easily able to put any high quality movie I wanted onto my iTouch in a matter of minutes.

Some other things that separates “The Movie Downloads” from the other sites are:

-You can download TV shows too (Yes, that means you can download all of the episodes of the office :p)


-You can download sports events like football games and boxing matches

-You can download the latest music videos

-Mobile device (like PSPs and iPods) ready movies

To add icing to the cake, their 1 year membership is only $30, which is what I bought. Think about it, after downloading only five movies it pays for its self since movie rentals are $6, yet “The Movie Downloads” provides tons of extra features in addition. So if you are a movie enthusiast, please stop wasting your money spending $6 for each movie rental; that method is now old and obsolete. But even more important, stop downloading poor quality free movies, in the end, it really isn’t worth it. You deserve to enjoy your movie to the maximum possible, and “The Movie Downloads” allows you to do that.


*update* The Movie Downloads has agreed to make a promotional special with ! By buying through this link you can purchase The Movie Downloads’ LIFETIME membership for only $34.95! That is only $5 more than the 1 year subscription! Think about it, free unlimited downloads for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Don’t miss this promotional offer that ends on May 1st. I wish I had read that before I bought my 1 year subscription -_- Oh, well. Thanks for reading.

-Eric Johnson

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